Next-generation mortgages.

Artificial intelligence, data and technology have transformed
other marketplaces – but not the mortgage marketplace.
Until now.

The brave new world.

The mortgage market in the UK doesn’t need fine-tuning – it needs transformational change. M·QUBE is here to help make that happen:

Deals get done.

30% of property transactions fail due to the lack of timely finance. Reducing the time to get a mortgage offer from a market average of 15-20 days to only hours or even minutes eradicates this problem once and for all.

The mission is control.

Speed matters, but what speed provides customers is even more compelling; levels of certainty and control in the mortgage application process that have long been sought after.

Paperwork is purged.

Customers don’t like paperwork, and brokers don’t like it either. Imagine then a world of superior data where application forms don’t even exist. We have.

Queues are quashed.

Sort out the paperwork, sure – but sort out all the delays that exist around it too. Not a problem. Automation brings operational queuing to an end. end.

Things get personal.

Each customer is unique, and their mortgage should be too. Better data makes individual underwriting and pricing finally possible.

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'It's started!'

Future perfect.

Some of this may sound too good to be true – but it isn’t. We aim high at M·QUBE, working to convert long-term ‘holy grails’ into marketplace reality:

All information digitised.

Digitising any part of a process is likely to be directionally helpful. Digitising ALL of it is the real revolution. Enabling the rapid build of a single, detailed customer profile that in turn enables transformation of the entire mortgage application process.

Real-time decision-making.

The right information in the right format enables decisions to be made. Process design enables multiple decisions to be made in a logical sequence. Analytics and automation accelerate all of this to be real time.

Ongoing risk assessment.

Client circumstances constantly evolve, meaning the risk they represent does too. One-time risk assessments don’t cut the mustard in this context. Ongoing risk assessment does.

Do all the above and what results is what M·QUBE will be famous for. Mortgages that better match the clients’ needs; mortgages with better risk management built-in; and, most significantly of all:

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Introducing M·QUBE.

We’re a new firm backed by ambitious investors who (like us) see the long-overdue need for change in this marketplace, and the opportunity that brings for everyone.

We’ve worked in the mortgage market (and have seen its problems at first hand), and have worked outside it too (where we’ve seen things that we know the market can benefit from).

We see the scope to improve the landscape for customers, brokers and the financial institutions that provide the mortgage funding alike – and will use technology, data and analytics to make that a reality.

The complex, complexity-free.

Super-fast mortgages from M·QUBE can logically perform a role for anyone seeking speed of deal completion. This could just as easily be in the ‘mainstream’ marketplace as the ‘complex prime’ one.

In the ‘complex prime’ marketplace, however, the benefits of M·QUBE are even more profound. Whether it’s to do with the relative ease of processing multiple applicants, multiple and complex income sources, or even multiple properties, M·QUBE represents a compelling alternative to the status quo.


Can secure a mortgage with unprecedented levels of speed, certainty and control.


Have a broader customer solution set, a single entry-point to the world of complex mortgages, and dramatically-reduced administration.

Simplicity for beginners

People who ‘do the math’.

A lot of people think of us as being a little bit ’geeky’, and frankly we’re very comfortable with that. There are various people in this marketplace offering technology solutions of various types, but (unlike others) we offer data and advanced analytics beyond this. Little wonder then that the label sticks.

We’re proud to be the people that are making artificial intelligence real (knowing that more data leads to better decisions, and that only artificial intelligence can make best sense of it), but there’s more to what we do than that.

We’re creative (designing and building totally new mortgage solutions) and commercial (keeping an eye on the financials, not just the operations) – and entirely committed to building the highest-quality relationships with all our partners.

Time then to speak to us and find out more.

People who do the math

'According to all the big data we've assembled,
our discussions about big data are up by over 80%
this year alone'